How to Care for Teak Garden Furniture


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Teak is a dense hardwood and when it comes to garden furniture, it's unmatched in both beauty and durability.

Holloways teak garden furniture collections are made up of high quality dining tables and comfortable, elegant chairs which which are designed and crafted to last a lifetime. Impervious to rain, snow, frost or sunlight, teak gets better with age, and needs no paint or preservatives for general use. Left to age naturally, teak will weather to a soft silvery grey as the pigments in the surface layer of the wood begin to fade, giving your furniture a timeless look so characteristic of the finest English gardens.


We recommend that you clean your furniture twice yearly, in the spring and autumn. The rest of the year, simply dust off with a soft cloth.

Use a scrubbing brush and soap (not detergent), scrub lightly in the direction of the grain to maintain the silver patina. Excessive pressure will bring the furniture back to blonde - left outside, it will return to the silvery patina in time.

Once it's clean, hose down with clean water and allow to dry naturally.

You don't need to oil your teak - doing so can leave your furniture vulnerable to mould and mildew.

We don't recommend pressure-washing teak garden furniture either: doing so can cause the surface of the wood to become bumpy and pitted.

Harmondsworth Teak table


Spillages should be mopped up immediately with warm, soapy water.

Heavy stains - red wine, cup rings and other food residue marks - can be gently sanded out of your teak garden furniture using a fine-grade sandpaper. It'll temporarily leave a lighter patch on your table or chair, but with exposure to the elements, it will soon disappear. Always sand with the grain to avoid scratching the teak.

For grease stains, we recommend a commercial-grade teak cleaner, available online or from hardware stores.

Unsightly water marks don't have to be a headache. Rubbing a little toothpaste into water stains - cleaning away all surplus residue once the stain has vanished - or applying a paste made from salt and white vinegar will also do the trick, again carefully wiping away any surplus once the stain has been removed. Always rinse with clean water afterwards and allow to dry naturally.

Clear off bird droppings from your teak garden furniture immediately: the ammonia will stain with prolonged contact, particularly over the winter when the furniture is not in regular use.


Teak can be left outdoors in any weather. As teak's surface layer oxidises on exposure to the elements it will become less smooth, but over time it reverts to a smooth surface once again. Small cracks may appear, especially on the end grain. These are perfectly normal and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture.

We also recommend that the brass screws are checked and tightened if necessary twice a year, as loose screws will wear and may break.

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If a regular cleaning regime is neglected, teak garden furniture can become badly weathered to a grey-black colour, or extremely dirty.

When re-treating the furniture it is essential that it is first cleaned with a scrubbing brush and warm soapy water. When it is completely dry, lightly sand the furniture in the direction of the grain, paying particular attention to any weathered areas and leave to dry.

Teak can develop black spots. These can be caused by mildew and teak oil, as well as metal particles from guttering, scaffolding or nearby railway tracks. These can be removed with a mild solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water. Rinse down with clean water after treatment and allow to dry naturally.


If you are covering your furniture, ensure that the teak has good ventilation and check it regularly. When purchasing covers, check they are breathable, or the teak may sweat and develop mould.

Your cushions, too, are important. Most outdoor fabrics are resistant to sunlight and mildew - look out for 'season-proof' in the description - but should not be left outside for long periods and should always be brought in to dry if they get soaked. 

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Your new teak garden furniture will always be the centrepiece of your outdoor dining space. Welcoming, convivial and stylish, teak is elegant and timeless and can be dressed up or down to suit your mood and the time of day.

For formal garden supper parties and long, lazy lunches alike, a teak table is the natural choice. Dress with natural linen napkins, hand-thrown crockery and sparkling glassware, along with candles at different heights and greenery from the garden to soften the hard edges of the wood. Add clever lighting, cosy woollen throws, comfortable cushions and lanterns with pillar candles to create a warm, welcoming space - whatever the temperature.

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