Rugs for every room


Contemporary or classic, minimalist or maximalist, rugs make a house a home.

In practical terms, they’re warm underfoot on floorboards or flagstones, they deaden noise for a better acoustic experience, anchor furniture and protect your floors from scratches from furniture feet, pet claws and sharp objects.

Aesthetically, they instantly make a room look warmer and lived in, will pull a whole interior scheme together and can both connect and divide a space.

Essentially, they add a sense of calm completion to a room, making it feel more elegant, expansive and comfortable. 

Neptune by Holloways Eva sofas

Rugs vs carpets

One of the biggest advantages to a rug – whether it’s a full-size rug, or covers a smaller area – is that they’re much easier to maintain than carpets. And while chocolate or red wine spilled on a rug won’t ever be a walk in the park to remove, it’ll almost always be easier than treating a whole carpet.

Many rugs are now washable – check the product details on each of our rugs – so you can pop them in the washing machine on a cool cycle and they’ll come up smiling time and time again.

Rugs for sitting rooms

Rugs for sitting rooms

A rug brings a seating area together and, in larger rooms, can demarcate different areas to create a room within a room. Choose your rug in the same way you would a piece of art and make it the focal point. Or pick out colours in curtains and soft furnishings to pull your whole scheme together.

Even in a minimalist space, a neutral rug will add warmth and texture, making a decluttered space feel inviting. Think textured wool, sheepskin or hide.

We love: Neptune’s Tolsey Plaid rugs. In off-white or oatmeal colourways, they’re luxuriously soft and hand-woven in a distinctive plaid weave, and perfect in country and contemporary homes alike.

Rugs for dining rooms

Rugs for kitchens and dining rooms

While dining rooms may not be high traffic areas, they are spillage zones, and so a washable rug that will withstand regular cleaning is a wise choice. With enviable eco credentials – read more below – our washable rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colourways and patterns, so whether yours is a contemporary apartment or period country home, there’s a style to suit you.

Best of all they’re machine washable, so any spillages can be dealt with quickly, and the only drama around your table will be your guests’ gossip.

Rugs for kitchens and dining rooms

Rugs for bedrooms

Padding around in bare feet calls for a rug under foot, whether your bedroom has floorboards or a carpet. Bringing style and function, a rug helps create a calm, cosy, cocooning environment.

The general rule is to go as large as your space allows, which will help make a small room look bigger. A foot of space between the edge of the rug and the walls gives the most successful aesthetic finish, anchoring the space. And if you can, run the longer side of the rug parallel to your headboard.

Ensure it’s large enough to protrude either side of the bed and at the foot, so you can get in and out in comfort.

Rugs for bedrooms

Rugs for hallways

A hallway is the shop window for your home – the first room your guests see, and the last they pass through when they leave. Whether yours is carpeted, tiled or has floorboards, a bespoke runner will ground the room, making it feel dressed rather than a passing place. Our wool and sisal rugs and runners, bound with cotton or leather, are available to order, to perfectly fit your hallway.

Rugs for hallways


We aim to tread as lightly on the planet as we can at Holloways, choosing to work with manufacturers whose values chime with ours, retailing quality furniture and accessories designed to stand the test of time.

Our recycled rugs are hand-woven and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so are as brilliant in a bedroom as they are in your outdoor sitting room. They are made from 100% recycled PE plastic bottles – up to 300 go into each rug. Over the past three years, the company has rescued and reused more than 260 million of them from rivers, streams and the coast. And there are matching cushions and pouffès too.

ANTA Scottish rugs

Natural materials

An ANTA wool rug is naturally hard-wearing, and ours are designed to last a lifetime, embodying style and longevity. Made in Scotland, inspired by the landscape around their factory, each rug is a celebration of the Highlands – its mountains and burns, forests and heathland.

Each rug is woven with a firm eye on the environment: the factory is powered by solar panels and the residual heat from the kiln is used to fire the company’s stoneware.

Order an off-the peg rug in three sizes, with standard bindings. Or plump for a bespoke product, choosing your main fabric and a binding to suit you.

Hemp rug

Fibre rugs

Sisal has long been the choice for hallways and stairwells – smart, hard-wearing and the epitome of contemporary country style. Hemp is another natural choice. Order yours in bespoke sizes, colourways and materials, and choose from cotton or leather bindings.