Barcelona Sofas

From £865

Comfortable, modernist furniture that's perfect for rooms where space is at a premium, such as garden rooms, granny flats, student accommodation or even a bedroom. Our choice of fabrics includes Aquaclean1 options.

Select your Fabrics

  • Ferrara Autumn - D £865
  • Ferrara Lemon - D £865
  • Ferrara Spring - D £865
  • Moda Kingfisher - D £865
  • Moda Sky - D £865
  • Scenario Aegean - D £865
  • Scenario Paprika - D £865
  • Naomi Cream (Aquaclean) - D £865
  • Naomi Red (Aquaclean) - D £865
  • Naomi Grey (Aquaclean) - D £865
  • Naomi Green (Aquaclean) - D £865

If you don't see the fabric that inspires you here, please call us on 01886 884665 as we have many other options. Or alternatively, order some of our free samples here.

Select your Frame Colours

  • Grey £865
  • Natural £865

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£865 (tax incl.)
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2-seater sofa (w x d x h) 116 x 85 x 102 cm
3-seater sofa (w x d x h) 168 x 85 x 102 cm
    • The Aquaclean finish offers the most advanced technology against stains. This new miracle fabric protection makes cleaning so simple, using nothing more than water. Even the most stubborn stains can be easily removed. It prevents stains penetrating the fabric and they simply dissolve when cleaned with water. The treatment is invisible and does not affect features such as texture, colour or odour.