The Eva is a delicate, feminine design that takes its influence from early French styles. The arm curves and drops twice creating a soft, pretty shape that looks very elegant. The fixed back is finished with small studs and has a sophisticated profile. The generous back cushions give it an good width and tailored finish. It is upholstered in warm, natural Millet Linen. Instead of choosing the matching armchair, try the William chair. Stylish with sophisticated details including piping and rounded arms. Upholstered in either Buckwheat Linen or Hamish Wool. The collection includes the cross-legged Alex Stool with a deep tailored cushion. Finished in either a contemporary Buckwheat Linen or traditional check Hamish Wool, these stools are perfect in pairs either side of a fireplace, or as a foot stool. Light, stylish and practical they can change function and form at whim to give you a decorative detail whenever and wherever you want it.