Wycombe Folding Dining Chair


This unique chair combines all the strengths and beauty of the standard Wycombe dining chair, but adds some discreet hinges which allow you to fold the chair up to slide into a cupboard or just stand against a wall when it's not needed. Made from solid oak and based on the design of an old naval folding chair, the Wycombe combines the beauty of oak with the warmth and texture of woven rush fibre seating. A ladder-back design with slender, tapered spindles reflects the gently tapered legs. The seat is traditionally woven from a unique material - a twisted paper made from rushes that is stronger than rush itself and gives a more comfortable seat. These fabulous chairs work perfectly with the Moreton dining table.

£490 (tax incl.)
Width 42 cm
Depth 51 cm
Height 85.5 cm