Buckingham Round Mirrors

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The neutral, off-white, colour palette of these delightful Buckingham mirrors makes them ideal for any room. Classic in design to fit with your style and decor. Adding a mirror to a room is an effective way to create light and the illusion of space.  This mirror collection is named after the Duke of Buckingham who was a major investor in glass-making in the mid-late 17th century. His glassworks in Vauxhall specialised in mirror glass for which he employed specialist Venetian craftsmen, considered to be the pioneers of this technology. The Duke would certainly appreciated the strong architectural look of the Buckingham mirrors thanks to their wide and solid frame.

Available in off-white in three different sizes.

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£185 (tax incl.)
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Small 60 cm 60 cm
Medium 74 cm 74 cm
Large 100 cm 100 cm